Asian Medicine for Africa

China is Africa’s biggest trading partner. But the relationship goes deeper than money. Asia has an important lesson for Africa, and that is how to improve your economy while retaining your cultural dignity and identity.

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Rhino Trade: On the Horns of a Values Dilemma

According to there are some 20 000 white rhino, and 5 000 black rhino, left in Africa. I don’t know if this includes rhinos that are being farmed at private game ranches. John Hume has over a thousand de-horned rhino at his farm in Malelane. Save... read more

Zuma and the ANC – The Tribe Has Spoken

Zuma has finally gone and said what we all knew – he puts the ANC first. If we’re to have any hope of understanding this country we can forget about the usual political interpretations – liberalism versus conservatism, labour versus capital. They’re valid, but... read more



angusAngus Douglas is one of Johannesburg’s leading corporate writers. He specialises in taking complex, industry-specific text – be it economics, finance, banking or engineering – and making it accessible to a broader audience.

He has worked with the country’s major organisations, and written speeches for notable captains of industry.

Clients include: FNB, McKinsey, Eskom, the Department of Energy, Standard Bank, Sasol.

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Soul of the White African – A Talk by Angus Douglas

This talk is mainly about the life and writings of Jan Smuts. But I also bring in Herman Charles Bosman and Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr. Bosman is the joker in the pack: an artist, a shape-shifter. He’s addicted to beauty; he worships at the altar of the

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Platteland Patriots – 7 October 2012

Bosman’s books are filled with tales of wanton drunken revelry, dagga smoking, sexual orgies, fraud and murder…and that’s just the editor’s notes about the author. Mynhardt and Bosman formed South Africa’s greatest theatrical

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