South Africa Explained

I plan to release this book in March 2020. It’s a personal and philosophical foray into the heart and soul of South Africa, something in the tradition of Rian Malan, but with the conceit that I can add something important to current global philosophic enquiry.


Return to Reason


In this essay Return to Reason I make the case that God (if we must define it) is in language, in how words make us and break us. And that ideology naturally flows into the contours of speech and written word. Things can go wrong when we encourage celebrated artists to sing I’m bad.

Our way back to reason is through the writings and musings of geniuses like Shakespeare, Socrates and Jesus; Conrad, Paton and Solzhenitsyn; Russel; Newton and Darwin.

Writings and Musings

  • Shakespeare
  • Socrates
  • Conrad
  • Russel

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